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Industrial & commercial LED light fixtures

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Green Building provide a a wide range of green building products and services including LED lighting fixtures, universal waste recycling,
filters, plumbing, ceiling tiles and janitorial supplies for commercial, industrial and property management

Save time. Save money. Save the environment

Comprehensive solutions for energy-efficient LED light bulbs, fixtures procurement and recycling in commercial and institutional buildings and properties. According to ENERGY STAR calculations, the installation of just 40 energy efficient lighting units can save an average of 354% in operating costs over the lifetime of operation. The energy savings is the equivalent of removing 11 cars from the road, or saving 14 acres of forest - those are numbers your employees and customers can feel good about.


LED Light Fixtures for NJ PA MD DE

LEED certified, CFB CFL, LED Lights and LED fixtures

LED fixtures and LED light bulb supplier


NJ PA MD DE- Commercial Recycling Programs

for Fluorescent Lamp Recycling, Battery Recycling, Computer Recycling


Is your company and/or property in compliance with new state and federal fluorescent light recycling guidelines?


LEED Solutions / Reduce Energy Costs

LEED buildings can save money and resources and have a positive impact on the health of occupants, while promoting renewable, clean energy.


Janitorial Supplies - NJ PA MD DE

everything your custodial and janitorial staff needs

Products and pricing for Commercial, Industrial, Schools, Colleges, Property Managers and more

Energy Efficient CFL, CFB, LED Bulbs and all new Indoor and Outdoor LED Fixtures

Our energy efficient light bulbs and new LED lighting fixtures are manufactured for the commercial market and offered at volume pricing. These are high quality lamps from named manufacturers typically offered to office complexes, industrial buildings, medical centers, restaurants, hotels, schools and warehouse facilities.

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